Our work is based on three well-established service areas.

We take great pride in delivering tangible outcomes and only accept projects that align with our expertise and where we see that we can deliver impact.

Coaching & Mentoring

  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions for leadership development and professional growth of executives.
  • 1-on-1 mentoring sessions to unleash potential and foster personal and professional growth of talents.

Consultancies & Interim Positions

  • Meet sustainability reporting standards, including CSRD
  • Conduct climate baselines and emission reduction planning.
  • Support certification processes
  • Execute business-critical initiatives

Teaching &  Training  

  • Trainings targeting both blue- and while-collar job, including Mini-MBA (online, hybrid, physical) 
  • Sustainability reporting
  • ESG management
  • Tailor-made courses  



In CARE, we want to minimize any negative climate impact of our work. This is mission critical, and we insist on doing this based on data and evidence.

Working with Anders and Betha ApS was both pleasant and efficient. It has allowed us to establish a solid climate baseline and we can now focus our initiatives where they matter the most.

Rasmus Stuhr Jakobsen
Executive Director
CARE Denmark

We brought Anders on board to help bring member organizations together around the Humanitarian-Peace-Development Nexus. With his assistance, we held engaging workshops and lively debates where findings were efficiently documented and shared publicly. 

Anders’ professionalism, flexibility, and ability to integrate seamlessly into our team enabled us to surpass our previously agreed objectives.

Emma Byrne
Strategic Advisor
Global Focus