Climate Baseline
 – CARE Denmark


We partnered with CARE to establish a data-driven baseline of current emission sources and levels. By analyzing this information, we were able to identify areas where reduction efforts would have the greatest impact. Our approach to this project was rooted in practical, results-oriented consulting services, helping CARE to achieve its sustainability goals.


Business Lolland-Falster
– Management of Sustainability in Danish SMEs

Training for Danish SMEs on how to proactively approach sustainability, identify key issues and develop actionable plans. Topics covered:
Sustainable Leadership; ESG-Reporting; 
Climate Accounting; How to Avoid Greenwashing; The Corporate Sustainability Toolbox. 

HDP Nexus
– Global Focus

We supported Global Focus and its members in gathering valuable insights on the Humanitarian-Development-Peace (HDP) Nexus through interactive workshops and broad stakeholder mobilization. The project helped Global Focus and its members gain a deeper understanding of the HDP Nexus, and inform strategic decision-making.