Welcome to Betha ApS

Our company was founded with a clear purpose: to help leaders, businesses, and organizations unleash their potential for sustainable growth and success.

We do so through leadership advisory, execution of business-critical projects in shorter-term or interim positions, and via accredited training of employees and leaders. 

Our team blends leadership and sustainability expertise with proven project management and implementation skills. 

We embody a systematic and action-driven approach to working with sustainability and strongly believe in engaging in long-term collaboration with clients to deliver lasting results.”

A Network of Professionals

Behind Betha ApS is an extensive network of highly skilled individuals who hold expertise in our core services.
Developed and nurtured over years, this network empowers us to tackle assignments of varying sizes and complexities, spanning a wide spectrum of sustainability areas.

Anders Bech Tharsgaard
Director – Betha ApS

Brian Viuf Christensen
Director –
Viuf Group Consulting

Nicole L. Hornstrup 
Environmental Engineer and Owner – &Solutions ApS

Network of skilled individuals with +10 years of experience